Monday, November 17, 2008

Just Another Analysis

“Back in school they never taught us what we needed to know,
like how to deal with despair, or someone breaking your heart.”

In school, you learn about history, geography, mathematics, but no one really ever teaches you about love, the consequences of love, and the darkness it can bring. He talks about getting his heart broken, and how he is deeply lost in depression and confusion. This type of heart break comes from the depths of the heart, when it hurts the most, when you were so in love, then it broke. 

“I played it quiet, left you deep in conversation.
I felt uncool and hung out around the kitchen.
I remember I kept thinking that I know you never would,
and now I know I want to kill you like only a best friend could.”

He watched from a distance as his best friend and his lover were deep in conversation. He felt out of place, maybe at a party, and decided to separate himself from everyone else. He thought to himself over and over that his best friend would never make a move on his girl, and he did. Now, he feels like it is up to him to give him only what a best friend now deserves.

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Megzy said...

Since this song is so powerful, I can see him wanting to get revenge. Clearly he does want it from the post about 'i hope you choke and die.' & about schools not having those subjects, i agree with what you said about that coming from the bottom of his heart