Monday, November 10, 2008

Love Makes It Impossible To Forget

In my previous post I explained how the title of the song is in hidden relation to a verse about forgiveness in the Bible, Matthew 18:21-22.

Religion plays an important role in the singer Jesse's life and his lyrical career, having attended South Shore Christian School on Long Island. The song ultimately is about forgiveness and the question of whether or not to in heart-wrenching, back-stabbing situation. Just as Peter questions Jesus about forgiving his brother, Jesse questions himself and whether or not to forgive a best friend.

When Ms. Wiedbrauk commented my last post quoting "they say you can't really hate someone unless you loved them first" it evoked new thoughts about this song in my mind. Jesse never comes out in the song saying specifically how his best friend betrayed him but just how he feels about it.  It could be possible that this is because what his friend did might not sound that extreme to others to be so upset to make death threats in a song about it. When you love someone and are close with them, their actions can impact you a lot more as apposed to some stranger.  Best friends know you well enough to know what will piss you off and that makes it easier to hold grudges or even hate them, because they didn't take your feelings into consideration. 

This song is one of those songs that screams every "horrible and forbidden" thought that hurt people wish they could say without being thought of as insane. It says the things people wish would be okay to say, but they're not socially accepted. Being hurt by someone you love is intense, and the anger that comes along with it is intense. Hearing someone express that deep anger when you fell you can't find the words is amazing, and I love Brand New for that.

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