Monday, November 17, 2008

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Blogger ashlyn childs said...
How do you know it's a friend and not a girlfriend?

“…now I know I want to kill you like only a best friend could.”

This line is proof enough that the situation is the doing of a best friend and not a girl friend. He was betrayed by his best friend whom he trusted completely. He never expected the betrayal. He is so deeply hurt that he feels the only compensation for what has happened would be to take the life of his best friend. But what if it was the girlfriend? It is not stated up front, but look a little deeper into the words and it is an entirely possible concept. She has betrayed him so he will no longer put his trust in her for a relationship. He will kill her slowly emotionally by being nothing more than a friend or best friend, and not what she really wants, had, and gave away. However, the lyrics point to the offender being the best friend as show in past posts. This sentence fragment contains an entire story either fueled by the likes of a betraying friend or the untrustworthy girlfriend. Either way you look at the situation, they are both untrustworthy, and they are both betrayers.

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Megzy said...

It makes sense for him to be reffering to his friend and not his girlfriend. I don't think he would have put it into that terminology if he didn't mean friend. If it was referred to his girlfriend he probably would have said somthing more like 'now I know I want to kill you like only a friend could,” leaving out the best so its more like she is a cheap aquaintence now.